Stabat Mater Translation

Stabat Mater – Joseph Rheinberger

Stabat Mater dolorosa iuxta crucem lacrimosa dum pendebat Filius
The grieving Mother stood weeping beside the cross where her Son was hanging

Cuius animam gementem contristatam et dolentem pertransivit gladius
Through her weeping soul, compassionate and grieving, a sword passed.

O quam tristis et afflicta fuit illa benedicta Mater Unigeniti
O how sad and afflicted was that blessed Mother of her Only-begotten Son

Quae moerebat et dolebat Pia Mater dum videbat nati poenas incliti
Who mourned and grieved, the pius Mother, as she looked at the torment of her glorious Son.

Quis est homo qui non fleret matrem Christi si videret in tanto supplicio?
Who is the man who would not weep if he saw the Mother of Christ in such distress?

Quis non posset contristari Christi matrem contemplari dolentem cum filio?
Who could not feel compassion, contemplating Christ’s mother grieving with her son?

Pro peccatis suae gentis vidit Jesum in tormentis et flagellis subitum
For the sins of his people she sees Jesus in torment and subjected to the scourge.

Vidit suum dulcem natum morientem desolatum dum emisit spiritum
She sees her sweet son dying, forsaken while he gives up his spirit.

Eia Mater, fons amoris, me sentire vim doloris fac ut tecum lugeam
O Mother fountain of love, make me feel the power of sorrow, that I may grieve with you.

Fac ut ardeat cor meum in amando Christum Deum ut sibi complaceam
Let my heart burn in the love for Christ the God, that I may please Him.

Sancta mater, istud agas, crucifixi fige plagas cordi meo valide
Holy mother bring this about, that you fix the wounds of the crucified firmly in my heart.

Tui nati vulnerati tam dignati pro me pati poenas mecum divide.
Of your wounded son, who deigned to suffer so much for me, share his pains with me.

Fac me tecum pie flere crucifixo condolere donec ego vixero
Let me, pious one, weep with you, bemoan the crucified, for as long as I live.

Juxta crucem tecum stare et me tibi sociare in planctu desidero
 To stand beside the cross with you, and to join in your weeping, this I desire.

Virgo virginum praeclara mihi iam non sis amara fac me tecum plangere
Virgin of virgins most noble, to me be not now bitter, let me with you lament.

Fac ut portem Christi mortem, passionis fac consortem et plagas recolere
Let me bear the death of Christ, be a sharer of his passion, and commemorate his wounds.

Fac me plagis vulnerari fac me cruce inebriari et cruore filii
Let me be wounded with his wounds let me be inebriated by the cross and the blood of your son.

Translation compiled by Suzanne Norton

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